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Come for a try out
We help you arrange your trip to The Netherlands and take you to see all the selected horses
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The best Dressage horses

The horses on our website are not property of LRD, but owned by different breeders and owners. We have invested a lot of time and effort to create our network. In The Netherlands you can find the best Dressage horses. We are proud to offer you horses that will make their new riders succesful!

Total Price within your Budget

LRD Works with 10% commission of the price of the horse, but we always want the best for our customers and therefore we search horses which meet your requirements. The final Price will be within your budget, including our comission and VAT.

Personal service

We personally make the selection of horses that fit you better according to your requirements. We also organise your trip to The Netherlands in case you want to come to try them out. We can pick you up at the airport, arrange hotels for your stay, take you to see all the selected horses around the country and arrange vet check and transportation to the horse’s final destination.


Working with Laura was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She made the process very enjoyable with everything organised really well. We were shown super nice horses within our budget. Laura could not have been more helpful and her knowledge, experience and professionalism was most welcome. Thank you Laura for finding us our next super star!

Kevin Acres & Lucy Mc Carthy (Ireland) Rider and new owners of "Ganesh"

"I had been searching for a horse for my son longer than 1.5 years, but we finally contacted LRD and it was the best choice! Laura is very friendly and always there to help with everything. Our experience in Holland was very nice, we tried several horses but the first one was the one! We received a catalogue and some presents once we arrived. Laura arranged the vetting and filmed the whole process for us, and she arranged the transportation too with a fantastic horse transport company. They sent us videos and pictures of the horse during the trip and he even arrived one day before expected! We are so happy to have Daynamic with us, and it has been a pleasure to find such good professionals to help us find our horse!"

Mayya Kirsanova (Russia) New owner of "Daynamic"

"For some time we had been searching for a horse for my 12 year old daughter Lucija and luckily we found the website LRD Dressage Horses For Sale. We met a great person, very professional. We stayed in Holland for a few days and had the opportunity to see many wonderful horses and Laura helped us choose the right one. This visit was a great experience for us! Thank you Laura, we will certainly recommend you!"

Lucija and Dulinda
Metka Cugelj (Slovenia) New owner of "Dulinda"

"It was a great experience for us, we were very lucky to choose Laura for helping us find a perfect horse. We stayed in Holland for 3 days and we had a great variety of horses to see each day. They were carefully chosen by Laura according to our requirements and preferences. Eventually we found our "boy" with who we fell in love immediately! Once back home Laura still did assist us 24/7 with our questions and arranged everything very quickly and professionally! We recommend everyone to experience this way of finding "the horse" with Laura!"

Katerina Pereloma (Ukraine) Rider and new owner of "Black Boy"

"We've already been twice in The Netherlands viewing horses with Laura. Thank you for the good service you gave us and your implication in searching horses for us. We are extremely grateful to you, thanks for your dedication!"

Noemi Mendez (Spain) Rider and customer

"I had been searching for a horse for one and a half years before I met Laura, a professional, sweet lady who above all cares about the welfare of horses. After my first try out on "Handsome" I knew it was the one! I own him since November 2017 and I'm still in love with him! Laura and I are frequently in touch and she's always there when I need advice. I'm really happy to have met her!"

Wendy Rijnsburger (The Netherlands) Rider and new owner of "Handsome"

"Laura thank you so much for such a nice horse! I have been training with Everest for a year now and we improved so quickly! Each day I gain more experience with him. He's in my heart for ever and thanks to Everest I got a new friend, I'm so happy to have you both!"

Maria Bogomas (Russia) Rider and new owner of "Everest"


Are there enough horses in my Budget? + -

Yes, in The Netherlands there is a wide range of horses on sale, so there are enough available horses in your budget!

What's included in the final Price of the each horse? + -

The final price is composed by the original price of the horse and our 10% commission. The horses owned by a company include 21% VAT. In case that the new owner wants to purchase the horse on a company’s name, it won’t be necessary to pay VAT.

We want to try out horses. How will it be arranged and what are the costs? + -

You just have to take a plane to The Netherlands and we will take care of the rest! We will pick you up at the airport and take around the country for the try outs. We will also arrange hotels for you in the areas we will be traveling through. The costs are 40€ plus VAT per day, but if you purchase a horse this amount will be deducted from the final price.

What are the costs of the Pre Purchase Exam and who arranges it? + -

LRD will organize the repurchase exam for you at a clinic nearby the selected horse’s stable or any clinic of your choice. The costs vary from one clinic to another, and they also depend on the amount of tests and X rays you want to have done. Usually a standard repurchase exam costs between 500€ and 1300€. If you only want a clinical exam, the cost will be between 150€ and 200€.

Can we purchase a horse without trying him out? + -

Of course! If you don’t need to come for a try out, we can arrange the repurchase exam as soon as possible. Once this is done, we can proceed to sign the contract and make the payment. From that moment on the horse is yours! But if you want to be 100% sure that the horse will be reserved for you before all the process and paperwork has been completed, you can make a deposit of a small amount in advance.

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