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LRD Dressage Horses For Sale is formed by a small team of collaborators who made possible the creation of a sales network in The Netherlands, the website and the current catalogue of horses. But the cornerstone of the organization is the Spanish FEI Grand Prix rider Laura Reija, who created recently LRD Dressage Horses For Sale.

“I’ve been riding since the age of 4 and entered the dressage world when I was 10 years old. Since 2008 I have been coming to The Netherlands for training and competitions. After completing my degree in Journalism and Media Communication, I decided to take up riding as a career in 2013. This same year I made my debut at international Grand Prix level. In 2016 I moved to The Netherlands and considered getting involved in the horse sale business. Since 2017 I have been assisting in selling horses to different countries such as Spain, France, Norway, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia Switzerland, Japan, The USA and Canada.

I want to go the extra mile offering as much as I can to our customers to ensure their buying experience with LRD Dressage Horses For Sale is fantastic. I want them to be satisfied with their new horse and with our team. I also want to keep in touch to know if everything runs smoothly and how do they evolve with their new partner. Furthermore I offer the opportunity to train and even compete in Holland, one of the strongest countries in the world at dressage”.