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After Sales Service
If you purchased a horse with LRD Dressage Horses For Sale, you will have a fantastic After Sales Service. Not only do we help you to arrange the transportation, but we also help you to keep him in top shape, to progress with him and even to compete in The Netherlands
First Step

We will send you a document with all the relevant information about the horse: Last visit at the farrier, dentist, veterinarian and physiotherapist, vaccinations, deworming, Brand and amount of horse food, type of bedding he’s used to, special needs and recommendations.

Second Step

We can help you to make the most of your trainings: we offer clinics and an online program from our FEI Grand Prix rider and trainer Laura Reija (Learn more abourt her services and sports resume at

Did you already purchase a horse but want him to be trained by professionals in The Netherlands for some time?

Our Grand Prix rider and trainer Laura Reija can ride him for you and even compete with him at national or even international level. You can also come visit or ride him as many times as you wish. If you need to break him in first, our riders specialized in young horses will start his training with ground work and riding until he’s safe enough for his next rider.

Special discounts on Top brands for our customers

We have collaboration agreements with 2 big international brands: SADDLEBOX ( and CUSTOM SADDLERY Holland ( If our clients want to order any of their products, they can get up to 10% and 5% discount respectively on both brands! Contact us to know more about it.